Create Blue Oceans

Don’t compete. Make the competition irrelevant instead. Discover a new way of thinking that allows you to break away from competition through simultaneous pursuit of differentiation and low cost, setting you on the path to profitable uncontested growth.

Embrace Design Thinking

Turn ideas into real products and services through a repeatable process of ideation, prototyping and iteration. Gain techniques to better understand the social, emotional and physical needs of your customers and create products and services that are desirable for customers, financially viable for stakeholders and feasible to build and deliver to the world.

Champion Innovation

You can innovate. We can help. The world is changing and so must you. To survive and thrive in the smart hyper connected hybrid world you need new products and services, new processes and new business models that address emerging behaviors, markets and new technologies.

What Do We Do

Presentations and Keynote Speeches

For clients and conference audiences who want to understand more about innovation, blue ocean strategy or Design thinking, we deliver powerful presentations and keynote speeches about these topics. Dr. Zunaira Munir is a leading speaker on the topic of innovation.

Hands-On Workshops

For clients who want to engage their executives in hands-on experience in diagnosing their innovation situation or in developing new business concepts, we facilitate engaging and energizing workshops on innovation, blue ocean strategy and design thinking.

Online Mini-Workshops

We offer a variety of mini eWorkshops to get you started in actualizing blue ocean strategy, ten types of innovation and design thinking. The eWorkshops are conducted online and designed for a group of 6-12 people.

Our Prestigious Award

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Keynote Speech

Smart Commerce

Executive Training

University of San Diego


Zunaira Munir, Ph.D.

Principal/Strategize Blue

What They Say

"Your talk on Blue Ocean Strategy in Istanbul is a source of inspiration as we clarify our thinking about where we want to be and how we plan to get there.”

Michael Coombs EVP, Coca-Cola

“The strategy we built was well received as was the process. I am  very impressed with your ability to synergize many of the common concepts that the various team came up with into such a clear and concise strategy. A strategy like the one you’ve articulated will enable us to move forward quickly. We are off to a great start.”

Amy Bunszel Sr. Director, Digital Engineering, Autodesk

“Zunaira is an expert at helping professionals and executives "think BIG!" She challenges me to consider new possibilities, and to create and explore ideas that are greatly challenging and wonderfully exciting! I highly recommend Zunaira as a trainer and consultant for executives who want to take their organizations to the next level!”

Sherri Thomas Global Program Manager, Intel

"Thanks very much for your insightful presentation on Blue Ocean; the group was very excited about the topic and really carried the main points with them through the rest of the conference. Thanks so much for your assistance in making our conference a success".

Karen DeToro Principal, Deloitte Consulting

“We found the session very helpful indeed, and in fact we are using our copies of the BOS book to prepare for our next strategy meeting in July. It helped us focus our thinking, and I'm confident that the analytical tools will be useful throughout the strategizing process.”

Chaney Kourouniotis Vice President, World Education Group

“Zunaira provided a wonderful presentation to a large audience of engineers at Honeywell. The presentation was in regards to the book "Blue Ocean Strategy". It was clear and insightful. She was easy to work with and provided answers to difficult questions as backup.”

Larry Ball Staff Engineer, Honeywell

“I want to thank you for your great presentation.  I have received many positive emails and messages regarding the content of your presentation.  I thought your examples were great and I know many people are now thinking about how the Blue Ocean Strategy can be applied to their industry.”

Jeff Wolff President, American Advertising Federation - Iowa

“Your presentation was everything I had hoped for and more. My sincerest thanks for the exciting and energizing Blue Ocean Strategy session at the DataPath Summit 2009."

John Robbins Sr CEO, Datapath Inc.

“Your presentation was outstanding and gave the students an excellent overview of how to use Blue Ocean Strategies to seek growth opportunities in uncontested marketspaces. I greatly appreciate your willingness to share your experience and insights with our MBA students.”

George Belch Professor of Marketing San Diego State University

“Every company needs Zunaira. After hearing Zunaira speak on Blue Ocean Strategies, she instantly got the juices churning in my head helping me find a way to distinguish my business and move toward innovating to increase profits and change the way I do business. She is brilliant and I am so grateful for her knowledge and the easy way she helps you make your business stand out from the crowd. I highly recommend contacting her for a consultation so you too can experience life without competition.”

Desiree Wilson President Legacy Wealth Transitions

“There is no one else I would use for our needs or the needs of our clients with regard to Blue Ocean Strategy. Dr. Munir is the premier specialist on this topic and she always exceeds client expectations.”

Denise Pirrotti Hummel Chief Engagement Officer, Lead Inclusively

“We would like to thank you and reiterate our optimal level of satisfaction with your professional services at the seminar, “The Blue Ocean Strategy”, presented in the city of Medellin on the 6th and 7th of June. We are willing to sign an alliance contract between Dr. Zunaira Munir and Conexion Global; which would act as a representative figure in Colombia for her Blue Ocean Strategy engagements”.

Carlos Eduardo Arango C.E.O. Conexion Global

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