Innovation in a Hybrid World

A Hybrid World - The New Normal

The business world transformed with COVID-19. How we work changed. Competitive landscapes changed. Innovation became more crucial for business survival and growth than ever before.

For decades, physical proximity was considered essential to the success of teams working on innovation projects. The age of assuming that innovation requires physical proximity is over. Innovators are embracing the hybrid model that entails people collaborating remotely, leveraging technology in different ways, and being bolder with innovation, automation, and digitization than ever before.

Our Innovation in a Hybrid World is a nudge-based program, built on the Revwork platform, and has been designed to support the state of mind necessary for innovation to thrive in this new normal of remote and hybrid environments. This program helps develop your innovation mindset to stand apart from the rest to make competition irrelevant and allows you to embrace new behaviors and habits when it comes to identifying opportunities, generating ideas, designing innovative offerings, testing in the hybrid market, and launching a sustainable growth cycle in the hybrid environment.

The Future is Hybrid

An opportunity and a challenge to create a new better future of work that empowers the people who return to office, those who stay remote and those seeking to balance the two.

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Embrace the Hybrid Environment

  • Incorporate flexible work patterns
  • Design hybrid environments that work (FLOCS)
  • Ensure everyone has access to opportunities
  • Minimize proximity bias
  • Access more diverse and specialized talent
  • Get closer to customer than to the physical office

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