Keynote Speeches

For clients and conference audiences who want to understand more about innovation, blue ocean strategy or Design thinking, we deliver powerful presentations and keynote speeches about these topics. Dr. Zunaira Munir is a leading speaker on the topic of innovation.

Hands-On Workshops

For clients who want to engage their executives in hands-on experience in diagnosing their innovation situation or in developing new business concepts, we facilitate engaging and energizing workshops on innovation, blue ocean strategy and design thinking.

Online Mini Workshops

We offer a variety of mini eWorkshops to get you started in actualizing blue ocean strategy, ten types of innovation and design thinking. The eWorkshops are conducted online and designed for a group of 6-12 people.

Presentations and Keynote Speeches

Are you ready to systematically explore blue ocean strategic options for your organization?

We offer a variety of consulting options that can be designed specifically to address your needs. These range from facilitating a single strategic planning workshop that takes your executive team through the systematic process of exploring blue ocean opportunities to a comprehensive 10-step process where we work closely with your team to formulate a blue ocean strategy for your organization. 

Hands-On Workshops​

Looking for training in innovation and creativity to achieve commercial success? Get your team started on creating blue oceans through our hands-on training.

Strategize Blue offers a variety of training options to help organizational teams learn blue ocean strategy and to apply it in practice.

Intended for executives and middle to senior-level managers our programs can be customized to meet your specific training objectives and to get your team started on creating blue oceans in the context of your specific industry.

Online Mini Workshops

Are you ready to get started on your innovation journey?

We offer a variety of Mini eWorkshops to get you started in actualizing innovation. These Workshops are conducted online and are designed for a group of 6-12 people.

Analyze strategic landscape
Chart Strategy Canvas
Assess emerging trends
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Identify unmet needs
Pain points present opportunities for innovation
Convert noncustomers to customeers
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Look across conventional boundaries
Systematically generate new demand
Apply parallel thinking
Bring structure to creative thinking
Go beyond product innovation
Explore new avenues to innovate
Chart Innovation Roadmap
Build execution into strategy
Design unique value proposition
What's in it for. the users?
Craft new profit model
Discover new ways of making money
Create delightful experiences
Embrace human centered design
Price strategically
Price strategically
Assess risks
Mitigate innovation risks
Map your portfolio
Map your portfolio
Build prototypes
Build prototypes
Conduct rapid market tests
Conduct rapid market tests
Chart Innovation Roadmap
Build execution into strategy
Map innovation portfolio
Balance your portfolio
Assess innovation performance
Design innovation metrics
Institutionalize innovation culture
Build innovation culture

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Our Training Starter Kit has everything you need to know about Strategize Blue’s Training Programs work and how they could work for you.