Stand apart and make competition irrelevant.
Create experiences that touch hearts and move markets.
Reinvent to survive and thrive in the hyper connected hybrid world.
Innovate and achieve growth without displacing industries, companies or jobs.

Create Blue Oceans

Don’t compete. Make the competition irrelevant instead. Discover a new way of thinking that allows you to break away from competition through simultaneous pursuit of differentiation and low cost, setting you on a path to profitable uncontested growth. 

Go Beyond Disruption

Disruption dominates innovation theory and practice. But disruption, for all its power, is destructive—displacing jobs, companies, and even entire industries. Go beyond disruption towards nondisruptive creation, that is free from the destructive displacement and where business and society can thrive together.

Champion Innovation

You can innovate. We can help. The world is changing and so must you. To survive and thrive in the smart hyper connected hybrid world you need new products and services, new processes and new business models that address emerging behaviors, markets and new technologies.

Embrace Design Thinking.

Turn ideas into real products and services through a repeatable process of ideation, prototyping and iteration. Gain techniques to better understand the social, emotional and physical needs of your customers and create products and services that are desirable for customers, financially viable for stakeholders and feasible to build and deliver to the world.

Our Work

Strategize Blue helps clients achieve growth through innovation, design thinking and blue ocean strategy.   We have worked for numerous Fortune 500 and other big and small companies worldwide address complex strategic challenges, imagine and build products, experiences and businesses that challenge the status quo, win hearts and realize sustainable growth and profits.

Keynote Speech

Smart Commerce

Executive Training

University of San Diego

Zunaira Munir, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO

Dr. Zee Munir is an inspirational, thought leader and strategist with a passion for creating innovative solutions to complex strategic challenges. With multi-industry innovation expertise from six continents around the world, she brings a fascinating multidisciplinary and multicultural perspective to address diverse challenges and drive growth.

What Our Clients Say

Michael Coombs EVP, CocaCola

Your talk on Blue Ocean Strategy in Istanbul is a source of inspiration as we clarify our thinking about where we want to be and how we plan to get there.

Amy Bunszel Sr. Director, Digital Engineering, Autodesk

I am very impressed with your ability to synergize many of the common concepts that the various team came up with into such a clear and concise strategy. We are off to a great start.

Sherri Thomas Global Program Manager, Intel

Zunaira is an expert at helping professionals and executives "think BIG!" She challenges me to consider new possibilities, and to create and explore ideas that are greatly challenging and wonderfully exciting!

Karen DeToro Principal, Deloitte Consulting

Thanks very much for your insightful presentation on Blue Ocean; the group was very excited about the topic and really carried the main points with them through the rest of the conference. Thanks so much for your assistance in making our conference a success.

Larry Ball Staff Engineer, Honeywell

Zunaira provided a wonderful presentation to a large audience of engineers at Honeywell. The presentation was in regards to the book "Blue Ocean Strategy". It was clear and insightful. She was easy to work with and provided answers to difficult questions as backup.


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